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LGC products for genotyping

We are extremely pleased to announce that FutureSynthesis is the official LGC Genomics product distributor in Poland. LGC’s comprehensive offer for molecular biology professionals covers reference materials, genomics solutions and analytical testing products and services.

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You will find more info on KASP™ chemistry below:

How does KASP™ work?

KASP Assay mix and KASP Master mix

The KASP reaction

KASP analysis & benefits of KASP


We are also offering SeqSNP® by LGC - a highly efficient novel end-to-end service for targeted genotyping using thousands of SNP markers. The service allows customers to accelerate their animal and plant breeding and bring their products to market faster.


SeqSNP advantages:

  • Targeted genotyping by sequencing 100’s up to 10,000+ markers
  • Cost reduction due to efficient laboratory processes and enrichment chemistry
  • Flexible marker sets
  • Easy conversion of markers to KASP® or BHQ® dual-labelled probe assays, both compatible for high-throughput processes.


More on SeqSNP below:

SeqSNP guidance notes

Plant species list

  • About us

    FUTUREsynthesis Sp. z o.o. specializes in chemical synthesis of biomolecules on customers’ demand. We prepare unique chemical compounds, often of natural origin and by applying state-of-the-art analytical methods we guarantee final products of high purity.

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  • Offer

    Our offer includes synthesis of RNA fragments (scale from 0.1 to 50 micromoles) and up to 75-mer long, synthesis of DNA fragments (scale from 0.1 to 10 micromoles) and up to 150-mer long and other chemical syntheses of complex compounds on a customer’s request.

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  • How to order

    Our company provides you with a convenient form to order synthetic nucleic acid fragments. To place an order, choose the Order DNA/RNA Synthesis tab.
    The screen shows a form composed of several items.

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  • News

    • 2019-03-04 / FutureSynthesis offers a new product of LGC Biosearch: Stellaris ® RNA FISH
    • 2018-11-26 / Meeting of DNARepairMan consortium
    • 2018-11-15 / New products on offer - PRECISION RNA MASS MARKER and VISUAL PRECISION RNA MASS MARKER
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