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LGC products for genotyping

Our customers’ needs and opinions are of no small importance. Do not hesitate to tell us about the problems you encounter in your work with chemical compounds and biomolecules. We will spare no efforts to find a solution or advise you on how to proceed in a given situation. Guided by your opinions and suggestions we will keep striving to improve the quality of the services we render.

  • About us

    FUTUREsynthesis Sp. z o.o. is a company that specializes in chemical synthesis of biomolecules on a customer's demand. We synthesize unique chemical compounds, often of natural origin. We apply such analytical methods that guarantee final products of high purity.

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  • Offer

    Our offer includes synthesis of an RNA fragment (scale from 0.1 to 10 micromoles) up to 75-mer long, synthesis of DNA fragments (scale from 0.1 to 10 micromoles) up to 150-mer long, full structural analysis of the products on a customer's request, and other products.

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  • News

    • 2017-10-17 / "Technologies of the Future. Biotechnology" Conference
    • 2017-10-14 / Launch of the "Fast track to innovation" project
    • 2017-01-01 / Launch of the DNARepairMan project
    • 2016-09-23 / We were at: 5th Polish Congress of Genetics in Łódź (19-22.09.2016)
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  • How to order

    Our company provides you with a convenient form to order synthetic nucleic acid fragments. To place an order, choose the Order DNA/RNA Synthesis tab.
    The screen shows a form composed of several items.

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