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Please go to order page and fill-in the form. Our representative will contact you as soon as you place your order.

How to order a DNA/RNA oligonucleotide

Our company provides you with a convenient form to order synthetic nucleic acid fragments. To place an order, choose the Order DNA/RNA Synthesis tab.
The screen shows a form composed of several items. In the first item labelled as Type, you can choose the type of the ordered oligonucleotide. Unfolding the submenu allows you to choose the type of the ordered nucleic acid fragment:

  • from the deoxynucleotide series, pick DNA;
  • from the ribonucleotide series, pick RNA;
  • from the 2’-OMe-modified ribonucleotide series, pick RNA 2-O-Me,
  • (the option will be available soon) composed of a mixed sequence, pick MIXED. If you pick the MIXED option, you will see an additional window where you decide which series will be ascribed to a capital letter, and which to a small letter. Using the form you can only order mixed sequences consisting of two different series.

If you wish to order a more complicated sequence, please send us an e-mail with relevant details.

After choosing the type of the ordered sequence you move to the Scale window.
The scale of the synthesis is a vital parameter because it defines the amount of material that you will receive as the realization of your order. Choosing this option, you can see a list of available synthesis scales. When you click the question mark next to the arrow, you see information on how much material we guarantee within the relevant synthesis scale.

Another step is to enter the Name of the ordered oligonucleotide. The name should be characteristic for you and consist of 8 symbols. Longer names will be shortened. The name entered here will also show up in the final report form after completing the synthesis.

Then you move lower to find a broad field named SEQUENCE 5’->3’ where you enter a sequence of the oligonucleotide. Please remember to enter the sequence from its 5’ end towards the 3’ end. The sequence may also be pasted using the Paste function, or Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. There are no limits regarding the entered sequence, but our company synthesizes oligonucleotides up to 150-mer for the DNA series, and 75-mer for the RNA series.
A grey window below shows you the current length of the entered sequence for the ordered oligonucleotide.
To enter the sequence correctly, please use the symbols compliant with our symbol legend to be found on the left. 

If the ordered oligonucleotide has specific modifications on one of the two ends, please choose the available modifications from the (5’) or (3’) Tagging field.

In the last field you choose the method to be applied so that the received oligonucleotide meets your expectations concerning purity. The Purification command contains 4 items:

  • Desalted – after the synthesis the oligonucleotide is precipitated from alcohol solutions. The method effectively removes synthesis waste and salts, but it does not remove sequences of shorter chains that are the synthesis by-product.
  • Standard RP-18 – the oligonucleotide is initially washed out of shorter oligonucleotide sequences and then also precipitated. However, the method does not guarantee a pure but a partially purified product.
  • HPLC – this purification method is based on dividing the oligonucleotide on a column with an RP-18 phase using high pressure liquid pumps. This method is suitable for purifying short fragments of nucleic acid.
  • PAGE – this oligonucleotide purification method allows separating them on polyacrylamide gel (due to its length) when electric field is applied. The final product is also precipitated from the alcohol/water buffer mixture. This method is recommended to purify long fragments of nucleic acid.

After filling in the form, click the Price button in order to calculate and display the net price for the synthesis of the ordered oligonucleotide.

The next page shows information on the net price, and all the data entered earlier. On the right of the price you see two buttons: Add to Cart and Place Order. Click the Add to Cart button if the parameters of the entered synthesis are acceptable, and you want to add subsequent oligonucleotides to the order. If you wish to do so, follow the procedure described above.

If you want to finish the order, click the Place Order button.


After choosing this option the screen shows a cart and a field to fill in with data necessary to issue an invoice and identify the customer. If you had received a discount code, please enter it here to receive the discount. Should you have any special requests concerning the synthesis, please include them in the Your Remark field.


When you have entered all data, click the Send button, and you order will be sent to the laboratory department to be verified. After verification you will receive an e-mail confirming you order, and the synthesis process will commence.

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    FUTUREsynthesis Sp. z o.o. specializes in chemical synthesis of biomolecules on customers’ demand. We prepare unique chemical compounds, often of natural origin and by applying state-of-the-art analytical methods we guarantee final products of high purity.

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    Our offer includes synthesis of RNA fragments (scale from 0.1 to 50 micromoles) and up to 75-mer long, synthesis of DNA fragments (scale from 0.1 to 10 micromoles) and up to 150-mer long and other chemical syntheses of complex compounds on a customer’s request.

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  • How to order

    Our company provides you with a convenient form to order synthetic nucleic acid fragments. To place an order, choose the Order DNA/RNA Synthesis tab.
    The screen shows a form composed of several items.

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