We are pleased to announce that FutureSynthesis is the official distributor of LGC Biosearch Technologies products in Poland. Biosearch Technologies is a renowned company offering a wide range of products for molecular biology.

As such, we offer molecular biology reagents, kits and services ranging from isolation of genetic material from a sample to sequencing to genotyping based on “KASP chemistry” technology and precise data analysis using computer software.

  • DNA isolation
  • Sequencing
  • Detection of single nucleotide mutations (SNPs) using “KASP chemistry”
  • Computer data analysis

Using PCR reactions based on KASP-type genotyping allows us to provide comprehensive genotyping services. Below is a presentation to familiarize you with the idea of SNP genotyping using “KASP chemistry”.

How does KASP™ work?

KASP Assay mix and KASP Master mix

The KASP reaction

KASP analysis & benefits of KASP

Flex-Seq® Ex-L is an ultra-high throughput targeted genotyping platform for commercial next-generation sequencing applications. A focus on scalability combined with accuracy, reproducibility and data completeness allows Flex-Seq® Ex-L to deliver industrial-scale solutions in genotyping.

Flex-Seq® Ex-L genotyping data is compatible with chip-based genotyping array technology, providing consistency between legacy data sets. Genotyping data from other technologies can also be incorporated into Flex-Seq® Ex-L assays, and custom/innovative genotyping markers can be developed for any species.

Full range of services:
  • From tissue/DNA to SNPs,

Greater balance and specificity compared to multiplex PCR

Targeting up to 5,000 markers

  • New marker panels,
  • Compatibility with legacy data,

Used for:

  • Genomic selection and parentage testing,
  • Plant and animal breeding,
  • Population genetics,
  • Pathogen detection and analysis,

More about FLEX-SEQ®