We are pleased to announce that FutureSynthesis is the distributor of ELK Biotechnology products in Poland.

ELK Biotechnology is a high-tech biological company focused on the development and production of immunological and molecular biology materials.

Products include ELISA kits, antibodies, genome extraction reagents, molecular biology reagents.


ELK Biotechnology offers more than 15,000 high-quality WB, IHC, IF-validated antibodies covering human genomic targets.

Products cover major areas of basic metabolic and translational research in the life sciences, including epigenetics and transcriptional regulation, metabolism and endocrinology, signal transduction, cell biology, cardiovascular, neuroscience, stem cells and development, tumor suppression and apoptosis, inflammation and immunity, and post-translational modification of proteins.

Different types of antibodies are available:

  • polyclonal antibodies,
  • monoclonal antibodies,
  • labeling/control antibodies,
  • acetylating/phosphorylating/methylating antibodies, etc.

Wide range of applications: many reactive species (human, rat, mouse, rabbit, monkey, chicken, cattle, pig, etc.), can be used for WB/IHC/IF/IP/FC/ELISA/ChIP and other experiments.

Biochemical kits

ELK Biotechnology offers more than 100 biochemical kits covering metabolite and metabolic enzyme assays related to lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, liver and kidney function, oxidative stress, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, and inorganic salt ions.

ELISA kits

ELK Biotechnology has focused on R&D and production of antibodies and proteins for nearly 10 years. Building on its existing technology platform, ELK Biotechnology has more than 8,000 ELISA kits covering more than 20 species, including human, rat, mouse, rabbit, pig, cattle, goat, sheep, guinea pig, chicken and brindle danio, etc.

Molecular biology kits

ELK Biotechnology offers more than 20 DNA and RNA extraction kits, with optimized centrifuge column design and buffer formulation for better performance and purity of products that can be used in various types of experiments.

The company also has more than 30 qPCR/RT-PCR reagents in its portfolio, which have been tested for validity and stability, have high sensitivity and specificity, easy and fast handling, low sample purity requirements, and personalized reagent dispensing to accommodate different instruments and models, with a wide range of applications.

In case of interest in ELK Biotechnology reagents, please contact our team.