Modified nucleotides

DNA – T, A, G, C
RNA – U, A, C, G

Modyfikowane nukleotydy

Available for DNA, RNA, RNA 2-0-Me:

I – I – Inozyna
E – dU -deoksyurydyna
O – 5-metylodeoksycytydyna

Only available for DNA type:

M – mixed (AC)
R – mixed (AG)
W – mixed (AT)
S – mixed (CG)
Y – mixed (CT)
K – mixed (GT)
V – mixed (ACG)
H – mixed (ACT)
D – mixed (AGT)
B – mixed (CGT)
N – mixed (ACGT)

Order a DNA / RNA synthesis

Max. allowed length of a sequence: DNA - 100 characters, RNA - 80 characters, 2'-OMeRNA - 60 characters.

IMPORTANT: Guaranteed amounts of material depending on scale

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