“AI-enabled RNA nanotechnology DElivery SysTem for INformATION transfer into cells.” H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2019-2020-01 Horizon 2020 (DESTINATION) 2021
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– Project implementation period: 01.04.2021 – 31.03.2025,
– Implemented in a consortium: Sixfold Bioscience Ltd, Explora SRL, Fundacion Para La Investigacion Medica Aplicada Fima, University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, FutureSynthesis Sp. z. o .o., Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn,

Combining the interdisciplinary fields of AI/machine learning with RNA nanotechnology, biochemistry and advanced imaging methods, DESTINY aims to create a first-generation RNA delivery platform (RNano) for efficient delivery of information, such as mRNA, to cells in vivo. DESTINY will generate an intelligent library of (a) programmable RNano scaffolds for attachment of packaged mRNA and (b) RNA aptamers for laser-specific internalization of RNanos into cells. DESTINY, a multi-disciplinary consortium of top scientists, R&D companies, will increase the impact of the DESTINY project by developing a strategy focused on securing early engagement from investors, regulators, potential manufacturing and industrial partners. Together, DESTINY will strengthen the EU’s position in emerging areas of RNA technology.