“High-performance substrates for solid-phase synthesis of bio-molecules” (PBS1/B9/7/2012).
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– Project implementation period: 16.03.2012-31.12.2015,
– Implemented in consortium: FutureSynthesis sp. z o.o. (leader), Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, A. Mickiewicz University Foundation Poznań Science and Technology Park,

The aim of the project was to develop novel high-performance substrates based on modified silicate carriers and their application in the chemical synthesis of bio-molecules targeting nucleic acids. The substrates, characterized by a highly developed specific surface area, enable oligonucleotide growth in a densely packed structure of functional groups. The new substrates are based on linkers, enabling mild product removal conditions from the solid phase, which increases the purity of the synthetic biological material. The developed high-performance technology makes it possible to meet the growing market demand for synthetic oligonucleotides in laboratories.

As a result of the project, a technology for the synthesis of nucleic acids was developed where, using synthesis parameters on the 0.2 micromole scale, up to 5 times more product was obtained.